Live your most fun, fulfilling, FIT life.

We know that when we take care of ourselves we feel our best, which allows us to give more to the people, activities, and adventures of our lives. At JPerry Fitness,  Jessie coaches people who are tired of fad diets and boring workouts. She helps them get fit and create healthy habits, while making it all feel like a party, so they look and feel amazing. 


At JPerry Fitness the goal is to create lifelong healthy habits. We understand that there are several things needed for success: motivation, support, the perfect program to fit your needs, a simple nutrition plan (that allows you to still enjoy your favorite treats!), a positive community, and accountability. 

Through working with hundreds of clients, Jessie's Team Fit Fam, and working on herself,  Jessie knows that these are the keys to living a healthy lifestyle, not just for accomplishing a short term fitness goal.

The accountability groups are one way to fully engage with the program, have a team behind you, get your fitness and health questions answered, OH and have fun doing it! 

Areas of Focus

Simple Nutrition

We all know nutrition is important but realisticly, it can be a hard to get a solid grasp on when, what, and how much you should be eating. We will focus not on deprivation but on the abundance of the amazing fuel you should be having to help you live an energetic, full life.

Effective Workouts

Boring workouts... nobody has time for that! Effectiveness is key with fitness. Get in, get out, get it done and have results. Together we will find a perfect program that aligns with accomplishing your goals and fits into your daily life.

Accountability & Support

The #1 key ingredient to success is support and accountability. Whether it is working one on one or in one of my accountability groups you will be fully supported and equipped with not only accountability but healthy tips and tricks through your journey.

What Our Clients Say

"Working with Jessie has been one of the main reasons I have been able to stick to such a healthy lifestyle. Her passion and love of fitness and health is the best motivation. Her monthly Beachbody accountability groups have helped me to stay on track, and maintain my 25 pound weight loss!"

Ashley A.

"Even when I felt that I was getting nowhere, or when I fell off course Jessie was there to offer support and keep me going. I succeeded losing the ten pounds, and I went from a size 6 (squeezing in) to a size 4—a size I have not been since high school.  My only regret through this whole process is not approaching her sooner!!"

Kerry D.

"With the program I lost 9lbs in 21 days! Also three major positives is that I started a few new habits with this program. I drink warm lemon water with organic lemons and cayenne pepper every morning; and follow that up with shakeology. And..with the 3-day refresh I was actually able to kick the coffee creamer addiction. I drink a lot of coffee, but I drink it black now!"

Cathy P.

Is Your Success Story Next?

We’re looking forward to meeting you and discussing the options available to help you start living your best life. Health and Fitness doesn't mean just loosing weight, its about living a lifestyle that allows you to feel your most energetic, empowered self.